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Focusing on high-quality valves will be the future trend
Datetime: 2013/5/29 12:18:13  Hits: 611

Current status of quality valve products for a higher requirements, making the valve market opportunities and challenges. Valve market, although compared to other valve products for small, but this one in terms of quality and technical requirements are also relatively high.
        The valves are low margin products, the market is very competitive. On the distribution valve market, mainly based on the project's construction, the largest user of the valve is the petrochemical industry, power sector, metallurgy sector, chemical industry and urban construction departments. Domestic production of key enterprises have been able to valves according to ISO international standards, DIN German standard, AWWA American standards and other international standards of design and manufacture of various valves, some manufacturers of the products reached the international advanced level.
   Chemical industry mainly uses stainless steel gate, globe and check valves; metallurgical industry mainly uses low-voltage large-diameter butterfly valve, oxygen shut-off valve and the oxygen valve; urban construction department used mainly low-pressure valve, such as a city water main pipeline with large diameter valve, House Apartments Construction mainly butterfly valve, urban heating mainly metal sealing butterfly valve; pipeline mainly flat gate valves and ball valves; the food industry mainly uses stainless steel ball valve.
China's valve industry development momentum is fierce, China's production of some enterprises valve has reached the international advanced level. Stainless steel ball valve
Valve market competition intensifies, some common valve market has become saturated, oversupply occurs, which makes more difficult the development of SMEs. Therefore relatively high-tech products in the international market have a competitive strength. Future market supply valve to the multi-species and multi-standard development from a single species, complete sets of manufacturing projects to meet the needs of an enterprise manufacturing valves required for the project, all provided by a valve manufacturer to the trend is growing.

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