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Stainless steel ball valves in use when security
Datetime: 2013/6/4 9:06:19  Hits: 569

One of the problems of stainless steel ball valves widely used in industrial plants, but the security issue is the most important. As a valve manufacturer, based on past experience, we can analyze the following conclusions;
1. flange welded pipe in mouth leak, leaking pipes to flange welding position because welding is not in place, resulting in rust caused.
2. The valve leak in the pipe, the valve may have a slight leak, and then increase the pressure and flow in the future, to increase the leakage point, and then condensation gas leak spontaneous combustion.
3. valves and flange interface leaks, leaking valves and flanges may be due to the gasket between aging and other issues arising.
The pipeline itself has a sand hole or rust generated leakage.
Stainless steel ball valve

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