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Flanged ball valve tightness test
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Flanged ball valve pneumatic test
Test pressure withstand the internal pressure pipe and non-ferrous metal pipe should be 1.15 times the design pressure, test pressure vacuum pipe should be 0.2MPa, when the design pressure of the pipeline is more than 0.6MPa, must have design documents or by the construction unit agreement, before the gas pressure test.
Flanged ball valves leak test (leak test):
Transporting toxic fluids, toxic fluids, combustible fluid pipe leakage test must be carried out. Leak test the following shall apply:
Leakage test shall be performed after the pressure test qualified. Test media should adopt the air. Leakage test pressure shall be the design pressure. Leakage test can be combined with test work, performed together. Leakage test should focus on testing the valve stuffing, flanged or threaded connections, vent valve, exhaust valve, drain valve. In the blowing agent does not leak test is qualified. After passing the test pressure, and after the test without disassembling the pipeline may leak through the test.
Flanged ball valve

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