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Stainless steel ball valve installation considerations
Datetime: 2013/8/12 10:03:31  Hits: 3023

1. Stainless steel ball check valve symbol identifying ball intact. The valve is fully open fully closed several times confirmed that it is working.
2. Remove the ball at both ends of the connection flange protector.
3. front and rear stainless steel ball valve ball valve line purged, removed oil, welding slag, and all other impurities in the pipeline.
4. Check the valve hole may have cleared the dirt, then clean the valve hole. Even if foreign matter between the seat and the ball just small particles may also damage the valve seat sealing surface.
5. Stainless steel ball valve before and after the pipeline is ready. Before and after the pipeline should be coaxial, two flange sealing surface should be parallel. Pipeline should be able to withstand the weight of the ball valve, otherwise must be equipped with the appropriate support on the pipeline.
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