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Superiority within three-piece stainless steel threaded ball valve
Datetime: 2013/8/14 14:32:47  Hits: 3027

Three-piece ball valve internal thread is a relatively new type of ball valve type, it has its own unique structure some advantages, such as switches without friction, seal easy to wear, small opening and closing torque. This reduces the actuator with specifications. With multi-turn actuators can be realized on media regulation and tight cut. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, urban drainage and other demanding cutting conditions.
 Three inner thread ball only need 90-degree rotation operation and a small torque can be closed tightly. The body cavity of full equality for the media provided little resistance, through the flow channel. It is generally considered the most suitable valve opening and closing done directly used, but recent development has been designed to give it a throttle valve and flow control purposes. The main features of valve is its own compact, easy operation and maintenance for water, solvents, acids, and natural gas general working media, but also to poor working conditions of media, such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene. Ball valve can be integral, it can also be modular.
Threaded ball valve

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