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How to choose the flange and threaded ball valve
Datetime: 2013/8/26 10:47:10  Hits: 2949

Flanges and threaded ball valve should be how to choose, many units in the design of the pipeline will take into account the time factor.
   First, flanges and threaded ball valve each have their own advantages. Flanged ball valve Advantages: easy accessibility in the pipeline for a number of medium and large-scale chemical projects. Acid stable, anti-stress ability, lasting stability in use. Flanged ball valves shortcomings: high cost, large volume, the installation, it normally takes two or two or more complete. Selection is typically DN15-DN25 caliber. Advantages threaded ball: small size, easy installation, generally applies to home decoration building, or steam pipes and other small pipes. Cheap, low cost for the plant unit. The disadvantage internal thread Ball: The damage is not easy disassembly, especially fixed pipeline. Continued weak to withstand the pressure. DN50 pipe is usually selected in the following specifications.

On the whole, flanges and threaded ball valve has advantages and disadvantages, customers can choose according to their actual usage, both working principle is the same. Flanged ball valve price difference is higher than the inner thread ball valve, large volume.
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