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Accelerate the development of the industry to enhance the market competitiveness of the safety valve
Datetime: 2013/9/5 9:52:15  Hits: 3099

With the improvement of valve technology, the demand for equipment and other aspects of high performance valves are continuously strengthened safety valve enterprises through domestic efforts, in terms of technology, product quality and service have made no small achievement, and now the country has a safety valve basically meet the domestic market demand. In addition China has a huge demand valve market analysis, which attracted a lot of foreign companies stationed in strengthening international trade, so that the domestic valve market is saturated state.
        Despite our safety valve equipment in long-term development in a certain achievements, but compared with foreign advanced equipment, there are still some gaps, which in the domestic market performance is very obvious, many foreign companies have development valve engine is much better than domestic enterprises. To out of the country, the first valve company in China to produce more production valve apparatus, learn foreign advanced technology, technology, to promote the development of China's valve industry in terms of technological innovation, science and technology development.
Continue to strengthen innovation, to learn more about new technologies, R & D design and production of more advanced safety valve equipment, overcome dangerous on the road, accelerate the development of domestic valve industry, to enhance the competitiveness of domestic valve industry in international travel market move steadily forward pace.
        In response to these problems as well as with foreign trade gap with safety valve, safety valve industry, we should seriously think, in order to improve our development some problems to overcome development problems are not in harmony, identify the relevant points of development, jointly promote industrial development and improve the safety valve. "This proposal valve companies should turn challenges into opportunities, pinpoint their location, efforts to expand domestic and foreign markets, to defuse the crisis adversely affected. On our most critical safety valve business is to further improve product quality and technical content Only solid foundation, unremitting exploration and innovation, China's valve brand to renowned overseas. "

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