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Design and manufacture of valve internal thread tap
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In order to extend the life of the inner thread ball, improve the quality of tap processing, should pay attention to the following points.
Design and manufacture of a tap
(1) selection of better tap material. Add special alloying elements in ordinary high-speed tool steel, can significantly improve the wear resistance and toughness tap.
(2) tap thread coated titanium nitride coating, can significantly improve the tap wear resistance, heat resistance and lubricity.
(3) increase the tap before the appropriate angle. It should be noted, such as the tap before the angle is too large knife in the back is likely to cause chipping and tap-tapping of the thread polygonal.
(4) appropriate to increase the amount of tap shovel back. It should be noted that, as the shovel back too large knife in the back corner prone to the phenomenon within the chip into the tap after, and poor attack out of the thread finish.
(5) a reasonable choice tool heat treatment methods to tap both hardness and toughness.
Threaded ball valve

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